Folding Wheelchair Products

CE Lightweight
Priced from R 4 600.00
The CE Lightweight will impress you with the standard features
The CE Lightweight wheelchair is an affordable, aluminium wheelchair that does not compromise on quality. Available in 16", 18" and 20" seat widths it is an ideal choice with removable rear wheels.
Pacer Steel
Priced from R 8 260.00
The Pacer might look like your standard folding wheelchair but comes with the added advantage of multiple adjustments. Comes in any shape and size that you require, the Pacer comes standard with an adjustable axle plate, adjustable backrest with ...
Pacer Fixed Frame
Priced from R 9 520.00
The Pacer Fixed Frame wheelchair is foldable with a fixed frame making it extremely compact
A lightweight folding wheelchair with a fixed frame footrest. Hundreds of options and one of the lightest locally produced folding frame wheelchairs
Bariatric Wheelchair
Priced from R 11 344.00
Available in Extra large sizes of 20", 22" and 24" seat Width. The CE Bariatric Wheelchair has been designed and manufactured locally by CE Mobility. The double crossbars lock into place when unfolded, giving extra strength and rigidity.
Pacer Lite
Priced from R 11 631.00
Multiple adjustments combined with a light-weight aluminium folding frame design, the Pacer Lite could be the ideal chair for you. Its carefully designed axle plate allows for both horizontal as well as vertical adjustments: perfecting your ...
Supalite Pro
Priced from R 12 096.00
The Supalite Pro brings together the affordability of the Supalite range and adjustability most of us require in a lightweight wheelchair. Available in most sizes with adjustable Centre of gravity, seat tilt and backrest height.
Breezy Rubix
Priced from R 22 402.00
The RubiX2 is a lightweight folding wheelchair with plenty of adjustable features such as tension adjustable back upholstery, adjustability in the seat depth and angle as well as angle adjustable footrests- Allowing you to custom fit the ...
Quickie Life
Priced from R 33 000.00
Available as a fixed front or swing-away, the QUICKIE Life F can cater for a number of needs and requirements in a foldable wheelchair. The Life F utilises a long established design that is proven to provide a very robust wheelchair and energy ...
Quickie Neon
Priced from R 40 000.00
The Quickie Neon is the smallest folding wheelchair in its class. With its modern cross-brace and fold-down backrest, the Neon can achieve a very compact folding package and able to fit practically anywhere. It's the lightweight folding ...
Quickie RXS
Priced from R 45 352.00
The Quickie RXS is custom built to you and is a proven lightweight folding wheelchair that delivers all the qualities and features you need. Offering great adjustments for individual fine tuning and a wide range of colours, options and ...
Quickie Xenon²
Priced from R 56 000.00
From just 8.8kg and with a new unique cross-brace combined with the completely re-designed axle stem, the Xenon² is a ultra-lightweight wheelchair that’s easy to fold, lift and transport. It's been cleverly designed to create the kind of ...
Quickie Easymax
Priced from R 57 009.00
With the Easy max, we have succeeded in designing an adjustable, folding wheelchair which, in terms of handling, is a match for any fixed frame wheelchair. Cross bars allow for easy folding but the rigidity of the double cross bars ...
Quickie Krypton F
Priced from R 90 000.00
The Quickie Krypton F folding wheelchair weighs just 8.3kg and is the lightest folding wheelchair ever
The Quickie Krypton F is the lightest folding frame wheelchair ever! There was only one material to achieve this level of performance- aerospace engineered carbon-fibre. Experience the difference, more meters per stroke and light as a feather.