Magic Mobility Extreme X8

The Magic Mobility Extreme X8 off-road wheelchair is a 4WD powerchair that can cope with any environment you throw at it but still custom made to suit your individual rehab positioning and requirements.

With a user weight limit of 182Kg, top speed of 10kph and 700W Gear in Line Motors you can trust this tough, rugged wheelchair for all your outdoor adventures.


Priced from R: 178 000.00

  • 73 Ah Gel Batteries
  • LCD display joystick controls- R-Net system
  • 182kg max user weight (155kg with Tilt or Lift)
  • Four 700W Gear In Line motors
  • 300mm powered seat lift option
  • 50 degrees powered tilt option
  • Power recline option
  • Power elevating footrest option
  • Full range of armpads, straps, supports and headrests 

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700 Watt Motors

The X8 can tackle any terrain with four 700 Watt motors
Four powerful high torque, in-line motors

Large Offroad Tyres

The tyres must be kept at low pressure to maintain suspension and traction
Each 14" knobbly offroad tyre must be kept at low pressures to maintain traction and suspension while you explore where you have never been before

Powered Options

Despite its rugged look and offroad capabilities, the X8 can be custom made to suit your seating needs like any high end Power Wheelchair
The X8 is fully customisable with seat tilt, seat lift, backrest recline and elevating footrests

Strict Aussie Standards

Despite its rugged look and offroad capabilities, the X8 can be custom made to suit your seating needs like any high end Power Wheelchair
All Magic Mobility Wheelchairs are designed and manufactured according to strict Australian Testing standards

Engineered to Last

The in-house engineering team work side by side with customers and therapists to constantly improve the design of your wheelchair
Loading Weight:
Maximum User Weight:
Seat Width:
12" -24"
Seat Height:
Maximum Speed:
Battery Amps:
73Ah Gel
Motor Watts:
14" Off-road
Q: What is the expected lifespan of the Extreme X8
A: An average life span is 7 Years. But Magic Mobility have wheelchairs that are well over 10 years old and still going strong!
Q: Where is the Extreme X8 manufactured?
A: The X8 is designed and manufactured in Australia
Q: How much does the X8 weigh
A: Depending on the accessories and options you choose... but approximately 150kg.
Q: What is the turning circle of the Extreme X8?
A: On a slippery surface, it will skid around on the spot. If being driven, it can do a complete U-turn in a 2 metre width
Q: Who can use the Extreme X8
A: Anyone who has a taste for adventure and outdoors can be accommodated in the X8
Q: What is the smallest overall width?
A: 700mm
Q: Does the Extreme X8 need extra maintenance?
A: No but if you use your Extreme X8 regularly on the beach it is recommended to spray moving parts with Q20
Q: Does the Extreme X8 come in different colours?
A: Yes. The Extreme X8 can be ordered in Red, Sky Blue or Tangerine.

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