Rollability MK2 Econo

Usually a lightweight, rigid wheelchair is not a luxury those on a tight budget can afford. Now you can. We have taken the exact framework of the popular Rollability MK2 Wheelchair and produced an Econo version with the same lightweight, sleek design but at a price affordable to most.

Priced from R: 12 914.00

  • Same 8Kg loading weight as the MK2        
  • Black or Silver frame
  • Mag wheels with solid or pneumatic tyres
  • 14-20" seat width    

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Q: What is the difference between the MK2 and the MK2 Econo?
A: The main difference is that the Econo is supplied with mag wheels and not Spoke. Spoke wheels are much lighter and give more shock absorbtion
Q: Can I upgrade the Econo version to the full version at a later stage?
A: Yes! All the upgrade options on the MK2 can be retrofitted at a later stage
Q: Where is the MK2 manufactured
A: The MK2 is a proudly South African product. Designed, manufactured and assembled in SA.
Q: What is the MK2 wheelchair made of.
A: A special lightweight Steel.

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