High-End-Wheels Products

Spinergy LX 24
Lightweight, sleek and stylish wheels to add the finishing touch to your wheelchair. These wheels are not only good to look at but are also brilliantly engineered by Spinergy to create stronger, lighter and faster wheels. Introducing PBO Fiber ...
Spinergy SPOX 24
Extremely reliable and comfortable for your everyday needs. Very quiet rolling wheels (no spoke creaking), ultra lightweight combined with an attractive design. Spinergy's PBO spoke technology saves you weight without reducing strength. Available ...
Spinergy Wire Wheel
The Spinergy Wire wheel is a lightweight rear wheel supplied on all CE Mobility locally manufactured high-end, customised wheelchairs.
Surge Pushrims
The oval shape of the Surge pushrim is a more natural fit for the human hand
The Surge Pushrim is oval shaped with a Gription-strip that improves traction on every push. No width is added to your wheelchair with the Surge pushrim on the close-in or the wide mount position.