Hoists/Ramps Products

Hoist- Sunlift Electric Midi
The Sunlift Midi hoist (150 kg max user weight) is easy to handle and suitable for both home and residence use. It is easily dismantled for storage and transport, and meets the latest European safety standards.
Hoist-Sunlift Electric Major
The G175 Sunlift Major Hoist
The Sunlift Major Hoist is easy to use and heavy-duty. The battery range gives 60 up and downs on a full charge. With a 175kg user wight capacity, the Sunlift Major is suitable for home and institutional use. Supplied standard with a Quickfit ...
Hoist-Sunlift Electric Micro
The Sunlift Micro hoist is the smallest in dimensions of the range of Sunlift Hoists
The Sunlift Micro is the smallest in the range of Sunrise Medical Hoists. It is the most compact making it an ideal choice for home use. It has a large range of elevation, allowing for a lift from floor to bed or chair.
Hydraulic Hoist Patient Lift
The Hydraulic Hoist Patient Lifte comes standard with a standard 4 prong sling but other sling options also available
The CE Hydraulic Hoist offers an economical option for safe, reliable patient lifting and transferring. Supplied with a standard sling and spreader bar. The mechanism is operated with a hydraulic system designed to assist with heavy lifting. ...
Suitcase Ramp
Foldable suitcase ramp for wheelchairs and electric scooters
The CE Suitcase Ramp is a one-piece aluminium wheelchair and electric scooter ramp. The 152cm length ramp will allow access to buildings with steps and curbs.
Telescopic Ramps with bag
The Telescopic ramps are lightweight and can be easily carried in the carry bag
A two-piece set of ramps that are lightweight, easy to transport and store away in a convenient bag. Adjust the ramps from one metre up to 1.8 metres for those inconvenient steps and obstacles. Can be used on most wheelchair models