Bathing Products

Bath Board with handle
Our Bath Board fits over most standard sized baths (by means of an adjustable fixation mechanism) and provides a stable and secure surface to transfer over the bath with a conveniently placed hand hold. Easily to remove, disinfect and transport; ...
Bath Seat
This compact Bath Seat fits on the bottom of the bath with 4 suction cups to ensure your safety. The slatted design allows water to drain freely and the extra height helps with transfers in and out of the bath. The seat is extremely strong and ...
CE Motorised Bath Lift
The CE Motorised Bathlift is light and compact. Its easy to separate in 2 pieces for storage and allows effortless submersion into the bath. With a weight capacity of 140kg, this bathlift allows safe and comfortable bathing for everyone. Lift, ...
Grab Rails Mild Steel
Our grab rails are designed to give you peace of mind wherever you need more support. Made from high quality mild steel, they can either be chromed or epoxy coated and are available in various shapes and sizes to suit your individual ...
Shower Chair with Backrest
Non-slip ferrules ensure the shower chair will not slip in the shower. Safety is vital in the bathroom
This lightweight, aluminium and economically priced shower chair is height adjustable and perfect to place in most showers. It comes standard with a backrest for extra support but this can be removed if you wish. The innovative cross-brace design ...
Shower Chair with flip-up armrests
The armrests on this shower chair can be flipped backwards
The unique feature of the Drop Arm Shower Chair are the sturdy armrests. They are ideally designed as they provide much needed support whilst seated but can be easily flipped backwards when transferring out of the shower chair.
Shower Seat Large
The Large shower seat can flip up and put of the way
Space is often limited in the bathroom and especially in the shower. The solution is a compact flip-up shower seat. This model has a large comfortable seat with a cut away for washing. Height adjustable legs provide extra peace of mind.
Shower Seat Small
The Small shower seat is ideal for showers with limit space
This shower seat is easy to install with just 3 bolts in the shower wall. A small and compact seat that allows you to rest while showering. A coated steel seat with drainage holes. Economically priced without compromising on quality.
Swivel Bather
The CE Swivel Bather is Stainless Steel and has a safety lock to keep in position
New Stainless Steel model-Fits most baths by means of a width-adjustable mounting mechanism. It is easy to install as well as remove when not needed. The Swivel Bather comes standard with a lock to lock the chair in position during transferring ...
Transfer Bench
Struggling to transfer over the bath? Then this Transfer bench might be the perfect product for you. The cleverly designed counter-set legs allow for half of the bench to rest on the bottom of the bath whilst the other half rests on the floor ...