Permobil-Motorised Wheelchair Products

Permobil F3 Corpus
Priced from R 164 000.00
Permobil F3 Corpus Motorised wheelchair
If its a front-wheel drive power wheelchair you need, with the size and agility to quickly get you in and out of tight spaces... then the Permobil F3 Corpus is the ideal wheelchair to consider.
Permobil M3 Corpus
Priced from R 182 000.00
A chair that inspires confidence! The smooth suspension of the Permobil M3 Corpus motorised wheelchair provides superb comfort, stability and grip on slopes and obstacles both indoors and out. Active reach allows you to reach more of your world
Permobil M5 Corpus
Priced from R 213 000.00
Customers describe their Permobil M5 Corpus as a tank that can take them anywhere. But the small footprint and Mid-drive design of the M5 Corpus allow you to manoeuvre into the tightest spaces. The M5 is available with advanced seating options ...
Permobil F5 Corpus
Priced from R 213 000.00
Permobil F5 Seat lift of 14
The F5 Corpus features an array of advancements to help increase the stability of the chair for a smooth, comfortable ride. A smaller footprint with an improved center of gravity, a more rigid chassis, fully independent suspension and a lower ...
Permobil F5-VS Standing
Priced from R 365 000.00
Permobil Front Wheel Drive Wheelchair with stand function
With the F5 Corpus VS, you can stand and drive at any point of the stand sequence. Enjoy social interactions that are face-to-face as well as all the positive health outcomes like greater pressure relief, improved circulation and more