Walkers/Frames Products

Cat II Standing Frame
standing frame for a child
The Cat II Standing Frame is a safe, user friendly standing frame for children. Its infinitely adjustable tilt angle allows for a child to be fitted in a supine position. The different configurations on this standing frame, allow for it to act as ...
Smart Static Standing Frame
Smart Static Standing Frame
Smart Static Standing Frame combines the advantages of low weight, ease of use, robust design and stability. Due to its simplicity, the therapy and work become much more comfortable for the caregiver and family.
Walker Kaye- Std wheels
Allows users to roll the walkers forward as they shift their own weight forward. Helps improve cadence, velocity, energy use, and step and stride length. Equipped with one-way ratchet rear wheels, to help prevent the walker from rolling backwards ...
Walker Kaye- Swivel wheels
Kaye Walker with front swiveling wheels. The swivel wheels can be locked in the forward-only direction if required. The swivel wheels allow the user to turn without having to lift and reposition the walker. Amount of swivel can be limited by ...