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Aurora Stroller
Aurora Paediatric Stroller
The Aurora Special Needs Stroller is built with the littlest of users in mind. It combines the latest technology with a modern look. The biggest advantage of the Aurora is the multi-functional reversible seat.
Ulises Evo Stroller
wide range of adjustments make ULISES EVO easy to the individual needs
The Ulises Evo Stroller is a simple, light stroller with adjustable seat depth and backrest recline angle. The stroller is small and light enough to fit into most car boots yet can be adapted to provide moderate stability and support.
Ursus Stroller
The Ursus Paediatric Stroller available in 3 sizes
The Ursus Paediatric stroller is designed to be lightweight and extremely versatile. Available in 3 different sizes and many accessories to custom build your stroller. Foldable, fully adjustable with a removable seat which can be fitted facing ...