Cat II Standing Frame

The Cat II Standing Frame is a safe, user friendly standing frame for children. The frame is mounted onto 4 castors, making it easy to move and secure in its desired location. Its infinitely adjustable tilt angle allows a child to be fitted easily in a supine position. Using the visible tilt scale on the frame, the child can be positioned at various angles depending on their functional level and rehab program. The different configurations on this standing frame, allow for it to act as either a prone or supine stander. The Cat II safety lock prevents any accidental position changes.

The standing frame's adjustable belts and supports allow for secure positioning which can be adjusted with ease by the therapist/carer where needed. Its 3D foot buckles accommodate for any foot angles needed. These features make the child feel safe and secure, enabling them to engage in activities from their most suitable position.

Priced from R: 42 150.00

  • Prone and Supine Stander
  • Adjustable Tilt Angle from 0* - 90*
  • Accurate, visible tilt scale for positioning angles
  • System of belts and supports
  • Adjustable knee supports, lateral supports and headrest support
  • 3D Foot Buckles which allow for the foot setting to be in all directions
  • Mounted onto 4 castor wheels allowing it to be moved and locked into place with ease


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