Ulises Evo Stroller

wide range of adjustments make ULISES EVO easy to the individual needs

The Ulises Evo Stroller is a simple, light stroller with adjustable seat depth and backrest recline angle. The stroller is small and light enough to fit into most car boots yet can be adapted to provide moderate stability and support.

Avaiable in 5 different sizes and colours and upgrade options like a rain cover and tray.

Priced from R: 16755.00

  • 5 Point safety belt
  • Adjustable footrest with 2 point stabilising belts 
  • Front PU swivel wheels 
  • Rear inflatable wheels with central brake 
  • Angle adjustable backrest recline        
  • Height adjustable push handles
  • BodyPrint seat© belt system adjusting the tension of the seat upholstery and backrest 
  • Adjustable height and angle of footrest  
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Headrest
  • Specifications of Size 2 documented

Feature Gallery Images

Adjustable Back Recline

Easily change the seat angle and footrest angle

Adjustable Foot Angle

Adjustble footrest angle is a useful feature
With the press of two buttons, adjust the footrest angle to suit your child's needs at any particular time

Central Brake

Central brake allows to block and unblock both rear wheels with one quick move
A central brake mechanism allows you to lock both brakes simultaneously and easily

Chest Straps

5-point chest straps for peace of mind and safety
5-point chest straps for peace of mind and safety

Foot Straps

Individual adjustable footstraps



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Q: Does the Ulises Stroller come with a tray?
A: No- the tray can however be bought separately
Q: Does the Ulises Stroller come with a rain cover?
A: No- the rain cover can be bought separately

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