Ursus Stroller

The Ursus Paediatric Stroller is a modern, safe and highly functional stroller manufactured from high-strength aluminium. With a wide range of adjustments, infinitely adjustable TILT-IN-SPACE function and a reversible seat. Beautiful breathable upholstery and the ability to change the stroller into a lounger so your child can sleep in it.

The Ursus has an adjustable push handle, numerous seat features like headrest, laterals and safety belt as well as angle and height adjustbale footrests.

Choose from 1 of 3 sizes and upholstery colours.

Priced from R: 48 150.00

  • 3 Sizes in 3 different colours
  • Infinitely adjustable TILT-IN-SPACE
  • Reversable seat- face back or forwards
  • Breathable upholstery in 3 beautiful colours
  • Coverts into a lounger so your child can sleep
  • Table an option
  • Rain/sun cover an option
  • Many more safety and support accessories

Feature Gallery Images

5 Point Belt

Safety belt with 5 points of fixture
Safe and comfortable 5 point belt

Swivel Front Wheels

Swivel front wheels for easy manoeuvrability
Swivel front wheels for easy manoeuvrability

Separate Brakes

Two separate brakes

Adjustable Headrest

Adjustable Headrest with soft padded side supports

Padded Front Bar

The front bar is padded is the same fabric for a stylish, safe and comfortable safety bar


The standard colours are Grass-green for size 1, Sea-blue for size 2 and Latte-red for size 3
Weight with Wheels:
Loading Weight:
Maximum User Weight:
Backrest Angle:
90-180 degrees
Q: What adjustments are available on the backrest of the Ursus?
A: The height and the angle of the backrest are adjustable.
Q: Does the Ursus come standard with a headrest and lateral supports?
A: Yes, the Ursus is supplied standard with an adjustable headrest and anatomical lateral supports.
Q: Is the seat reversible to face forward or backward?
A: Yes, the Ursus seat uses the "ClickClack" system to easily and safely clip the seat in place facing forward or backward.
Q: What is the Ursus supplied with for safety?
A: A soft front bar with reflective safety marks and a 5-point belt is supplied standard with the Ursus
Q: Do the wheels have shock absorbers?
A: Yes, the Ursus has front shock absorbers.
Q: What colours are available?
A: Size 1- Grass Green, Size 2- Sea Blue, Size 3 Latte Red. But special orders can be placed for colour changes.
Q: What type of footrest does the Ursus have?
A: The footrest is height and angle adjustable and is supplied with 5 point foot stabilising belts with heel support and foot abduction-adduction adjustments.

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