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Conformat Pressure Mapping System

Educational Information

Pressure Mapping

Pressure Mapping technology allows us to visualise and quantify the pressure distribution between your body and your cushion. We can then identify high pressure areas and optimise seating and position

Discovery Health

CE Mobility is a preferred Supplier for Discovery Health. We will advise you immediately what your scheme will pay for and with free assessments and delivery, it couldn't get any easier to obtain your

Why Stand?

Standing - an activity that able-bodied individuals do many times throughout the day. Why? Standing has many physiological as well as psychological purposes.

How to adjust a TAB

If you ask most seating specialists which backrest they recommend on your wheelchair, I guarantee most of them will answer that a tension adjustable backrest is the way to go... But its imperative th

Speed up your ride

Manual Wheelchair technology has come a long way since the days of heavy and cumbersome folding steel wheelchairs. Most of these technological advancements come at a price- A Hefty Price! There are ho

Boost Your Battery

There are many different types of wheelchair batteries. Ensure you have read the instruction and user manuals for your wheelchair and follow these simple guidelines on how to extend the life of your w

No to Pressure Sores

A pressure sore can take months to heal and the complications are serious and even life threatening. The solution is to prevent pressure ulcers developing by following these easy tips.

Best of Both Worlds

Some of us require motorised mobility and others prefer a manual option. But quite often we could actually do with the portability of a manual wheelchair as well as the occasional convenience of

Front, Mid or Rear Drive

Choosing the correct motorised wheelchair is often a difficult and complex decision. Let’s be honest, this is an expensive purchase. One that you won’t be making again in the near future. So you w