How to adjust a TAB

If you ask most seating specialists which backrest they recommend on your wheelchair, I guarantee most of them will answer that a tension adjustable backrest is the way to go...
But its imperative that it is set up correctly.
Here are some guidelines how to set it up:
1.       Open the cover and start by loosening each strap by approximately 2-4cm (the bottom strap remains tight as this holds the cushion in place)
2.       Ensure the user is sitting well against the backrest with their pelvis is in a neutral position. (neither tilted forward nor backward) This is best achieved by asking the user to lean forward (chest on lap), shift their buttocks well into the chair, and then sit up again.
3.       Now locate the Posterior Superior Iliac Spine (PSIS). Tighten the strap in line with the PSIS. This provides posterior support and together with an appropriate cushion will assist in preventing the user from sliding out of the wheelchair.
Not sure what the PSIS is? The hip bone in front that you put your fingers on when you put your hands on your hips- The PSIS is about one thumb below that bone. Its actualy the dimples on your back.
4.       Now contour the rest of the straps to the contour of the userís spine.
Ask the user to hold their arms out straight in front of them. This will give a good indication as to whether the backrest is set up correctly. They should be able to do this without falling over if the limitations of their disability allows it.
If you are uncertain how to set up this backrest correctly, visit any CE Mobility branch for a free setup


Tension Adjustable Backrest