Pressure Mapping

A Pressure Mapping system consists of a thin mat equipped with thousands of patented thin-film pressure sensors, scanning electronics and customised software. The mat is placed on a seating surface and the resulting analysis gives a wealth of useful information.

No other wheelchair supplier offers Pressure Mapping at every branch, free to their customers. CE Mobility does!  

Our trained Occupational Therapists and Seating Specialists make use of pressure mappiing for a multitide of uses:

  • Identify the best pressure care cushion
  • Identify the seating position that offers the least amount of high peak pressures
  • Monitor pressure areas that may be at increased risk for sores, ulcers, and wounds
  • Monitor progression and treatment of wound ulcerations
  • Validate wheelchair cushion selection and adjustments
  • Aid in identification of unseen asymmetries and pelvic obliquities
  • Pre- and post-surgical evaluations


Pressure Mapping thin mat
Pressure Mapping
Pressure Mapping thin mat