Boost Your Battery

Charged up for Summer- 7 Ways to Boost Your Battery Life
1)      The perfect match – use the correct charger for the type and voltage of the batteries. Using the incorrect charger is ineffective at best and explosive at worst!
2)      Summer Shower Alert –joysticks, control boxes and batteries don’t like the wet. Keep a shower cap or plastic bag handy to cover them in case of unexpected showers. 
3)      All good things come to an end – even with expert care, batteries will deteriorate over time and need to be replaced . 
4)      Odd couple – an old battery should not be paired with a new one as more power will be drawn from the new one causing it to deteriorate more quickly.
5)      Feeling Flat– allowing flat batteries to stand will damage them irreparably. Charge fully before a period of non-use
6)      Don’t wait until it’s too late – keep your batteries charging every evening. Regular charging extends battery life. 
7)      Unplugged  – if you are not going to use your chair for some time, disconnect the batteries to prevent them discharging



Charge your batteries regularly and you can go anywhere in confidence
Ensure you use the correct charger for your type of batteries and wheelchair