Speed up your ride

·         Make the move from solid to air: Although air tyres come with some maintenance, nothing beats the light, smooth ride they provide. Try the Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyre for the best of both worlds.

·         Get skinny: A narrower tyre has less rolling resistance and you’ll get further per push.

·         Become a smooth operator: Trade your treaded tyres for slicks. Slick tyres offer less rolling resistance and make rolling on smooth surfaces a dream.

·         Going forward: Some chairs offer an adjustable rear wheel position. The more forward you bring your wheels the easier the wheelchair is to push.

·         Get your bearings. Bearings can become clogged, worn and loose. A new/clean set will make your chair feel like new at a price that won’t break the bank.

·         Trade in- mags for spokes: Spokes are generally lighter and have better push-ability and less rolling resistance than heavier mags.

·         Let the pressure get to you: Ensure your tyre pressure is correct. Low tyre pressure dramatically increases pushing effort required.



Smooth, narrow, air tyres will allow an easier propulsion stroke
Tyre choice will greatly affect the rolling resistance of your wheelchair